Internet Resources Starter Kit

You need an Internet Resources Starter Kit? We got you covered within the RIPE region!

  • ASN (32 bit) registration
  • IPv6 /48 PI assignment
  • IPv6 /44 PA allocation
  • IPv4 /24 PA assignment

    We will contact you as soon as possible. No payment is due before we haven’t agreed on how to move forward. The minimum contract term is three months. All prices are excluding VAT and are recurring on a monthly basis.


    • When do I need such resources?
      Either you want to look professional, manage whatever goes into the whois database or you want to be multi-homed. In any case our starterkit will help you out!
    • What is allowed with these resources?
      Everything which is legal. We do not allow spamming! Should we become aware of spamming, we will terminate the lease immediately.
    • Where can I use those resources?
      We provide managed hosting, but we can also refer you to our trusted partners. It’s up to you. You are not bound to us. Tunneling is also possible.
    • Is this limited to hosting?
      No, not at all. You can use it for whatever you want as long as it’s legal. However, the IPv6 PI space is intended for own use only.
    • How do I manage my resources?
      Using the RIPE database with your own account lets you manage your resources anytime you want to.